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If I Have Gay Children: Four Promises From A Christian Pastor/Parent

Originally posted on john pavlovitz:
Sometimes I wonder if I’ll have gay children. I’m not sure if other parents think about this, but I do; quite often. Maybe it’s because I have many gay people in my family and circle…

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The Illogical Protagonist and Why Your Story Needs One

Originally posted on MOON IN GEMINI:
In the movie The Godfather, two characters in the opening scenes are presented as possible protagonists: Vito Corleone, the presumptive title character, who from the first scene is shown as the powerful head of…

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The Cycle

Originally posted on Teri Carter's Library:
  Apparently the easiest way to start blogging again is to say you’re done blogging.  Kind of like writing.  Kind of like running.  Kind of like everything.  Last time I said “I’m done…

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Influences: Peter Bourke

Originally posted on Anthony Wilson:
In 1991 we moved to a house in Brixton, south London. Of all our welcomes, that of our neighbour, the actor Peter Bourke, was the warmest. Rather unimaginatively we called him Peter the Actor. Peter…

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Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:
Dancing Elephants by Heinrich Kley What nobody tells you as an artist is that every project starts at the beginning. Not just the blank page, the empty stage, but that you have to…

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